Why are there so many Christian churches?



There are so many churches in the world, each with a different set of traditions, rituals and beliefs. Which one should we join?

Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian... There are dozens of major christian denominations, and many churches often distantiate themselves from other churches, highlighting differences in rituals and beliefs.

Is it good for Christianity to have different churches, so that one can join the church that fits him most?

The separations between Christian started happening early in the days of Apostle Paul. This is what he wrote to the church at Corinth.

我的意思就是你们各人说:“我是属保罗的”;“我是属亚波罗的”;“我是属矶法的”;“我是属基督的”。 基督是分开的吗?保罗为你们钉了十字架吗?你们是奉保罗的名受了洗吗?

( 哥林多前书 1:12-13 )

So, let's ask ourselves if Baptists were crucified on the cross for us? Or, you were baptized in the name of Luther?

Christians keep fighting in debates about details on rituals, definition of the trinity, on the God's name, who can be named an apostle... Many philosophers and wise man read the Bible and argue over the meaning of certain verses and chapters. But what our human wisdom can lead us to?

智慧人在哪里?文士在哪里?这世上的辩士在哪里? 神岂不是叫这世上的智慧变成愚拙吗?

( 哥林多前书 1:20 )

Our human wisdom and the distinguished set of beliefs, even when scraped out of Bible, won't help us.

<到我这里来(路 10:21-22)> 那时,耶稣说:“父啊,天地的主,我感谢你!因为你将这些事向聪明通达人就藏起来,向婴孩就显出来。

( 马太福音 11:25 )

Each Christian denomination embraces its own beliefs, establishes policies and rituals for the churches and their leaders to follow. But that all leads to one thing - separation. And how having separate churches impacts Christianity?


( 马太福音 12:25 )

When we walk on a road towards a goal, we do not draw too much attention to the obstacles on our way. We do not focus on discussing the obstacles and different ways of dealing with them. Instead, we keep our eyes on the goal and moving on. The same applies toward discussions about how to cross yourself right, the proper baptism procedure and so on. Do not let these discussions separate us and distract from the main thing.

<在教会中有纷争> 弟兄们,我藉我们主耶稣基督的名劝你们都说一样的话。你们中间也不可分党,只要一心一意,彼此相合。 但你们得在基督耶稣里是本乎 神, 神又使他成为我们的智慧、公义、圣洁、救赎。

( 哥林多前书 1:10,30 )

So, should we not join any church at all then? No. Joining a church helps you learn the Word of God trough preaching.

世人凭自己的智慧,既不认识 神, 神就乐意用人所当作愚拙的道理拯救那些信的人;这就是 神的智慧了。

( 哥林多前书 1:21 )

Remember, that church is not a building, but church is people. God's people and God's temple

岂不知你们是 神的殿, 神的灵住在你们里头吗?

( 哥林多前书 3:16 )

As a church member, you need to maintain and ensure the right foundation for your own life, heart and soul - Jesus Christ.


( 哥林多前书 3:11 )

And avoid following particular denominations or individual leaders. Do not act like people of this world.

有说:“我是属保罗的”;有说:“我是属亚波罗的。”这岂不是你们和世人一样吗? 亚波罗算什么?保罗算什么?无非是执事,照主所赐给他们各人的,引导你们相信。 我栽种了,亚波罗浇灌了,惟有 神叫他生长。 可见栽种的,算不得什么,浇灌的,也算不得什么;只在那叫他生长的 神。

( 哥林多前书 3:4-7 )

And always be mindful to focus on the main thing - the Christ Jesus, the true image of the one and only one living God.

所以无论谁,都不可拿人夸口,因为万有全是你们的。 或保罗,或亚波罗,或矶法,或世界,或生,或死,或现今的事,或将来的事,全是你们的; 并且你们是属基督的,基督又是属 神的。

( 哥林多前书 3:21-23 )