Jacob wrestled with God and won. What does it mean?

knight fight

When coming back home before meeting with Esau, Jacob wrestled with God and won. What does that mean?

那人说:“你的名不要再叫雅各,要叫以色列;因为你与 神与人较力,都得了胜。”

( 创世记 32:28 )

We are used to the fact that winners write the history and that is what we are used to read, without knowing the other side of the story. Therefore, we are used to treating winners favorably and rejoicing in their victory. However, the Bible is God's word in which historical facts are presented in an impartial manner.

This is what the prophet Hosea says about this.

耶和华与犹大争辩,必照雅各所行的惩罚他,按他所做的报应他。 他在腹中抓住哥哥的脚跟,壮年的时候与 神较力, 与天使较力,并且得胜,哭泣恳求,在伯特利遇见耶和华。耶和华──万军之 神在那里晓谕我们以色列人;耶和华是他可记念的名。 所以你当归向你的 神,谨守仁爱、公平,常常等候你的 神。

( 何西阿书 12:2-6 )

Hosea sees nothing good in Jacob's struggle with God. Even before he was born, Jacob grabbed his brother by the heel, then took advantage of the situation and "bought" his birthright from Esau. Then he deceived him and received a blessing from his father. He got hold of Laban's best livestock by cunning, and then fled from him with all his belongings.

雅各说:“你今日把长子的名分卖给我吧。” 以扫说:“我将要死,这长子的名分于我有什么益处呢?” 雅各说:“你今日对我起誓吧。”以扫就对他起了誓,把长子的名分卖给雅各。

( 创世记 25:31-33 )

( 创世记 27:19 )
到羊群肥壮配合的时候,雅各就把枝子插在水沟里,使羊对着枝子配合。 只是到羊瘦弱配合的时候就不插枝子。这样,瘦弱的就归拉班,肥壮的就归雅各。

( 创世记 30:41-42 )
雅各背着亚兰人拉班偷走了,并不告诉他, 就带着所有的逃跑。他起身过大河,面向基列山行去。

( 创世记 31:20-21 )

By fighting with God, Jacob fought against the will of God. He fought against walking the path that God intended for him.

我要教导你,指示你当行的路;我要定睛在你身上劝戒你。 你不可像那无知的骡马,必用嚼环辔头勒住它;不然,就不能驯服。

( 诗篇 32:8-9 )

However, despite fighting with God, Jacob still asked for His blessing for himself, and his request was granted. He became the father of the 12 tribes of Israel and led an entire nation. The nation's path was similar to that of Jacob — continuous rebellion and occasional requests for forgiveness and blessing...

我整天伸手招呼那悖逆的百姓;他们随自己的意念行不善之道。 这百姓时常当面惹我发怒;在园中献祭,在坛{原文是砖}上烧香; 在坟墓间坐着,在隐密处住宿,吃猪肉;他们器皿中有可憎之物做的汤;

( 以赛亚书 65:2-4 )

Many years later, a completely different person appeared on earth, a real son of God, who did not fight with God, but followed him in everything. And even on the verge of death, he did not turn away from the cup that was given to him by God.


( 马太福音 26:39 )

Yes, this man is Jesus Christ who showed us the true path that leads to eternal life.

Therefore, let's not fight with God, but let him lead us according to his will.

我闭口不认罪的时候,因终日唉哼而骨头枯干。 黑夜白日,你的手在我身上沉重;我的精液耗尽,如同夏天的干旱。(细拉) 我向你陈明我的罪,不隐瞒我的恶。我说:我要向耶和华承认我的过犯,你就赦免我的罪恶。(细拉)

( 诗篇 32:3-5 )
你要专心仰赖耶和华,不可倚靠自己的聪明, 在你一切所行的事上都要认定他,他必指引你的路。

( 箴言 3:5-6 )