Is Jesus the Messiah?

Jesus sculpture

We often hear about Jesus and about the fact that he saved us by dying on the cross for us. And whoever believes in him has eternal life. 

Saving our lives - that is the role of the expected Messiah... But is Jesus the real Messiah, or we have to wait for someone else?

Most of the information about the chosen one, the one who will save all of us, we are getting from the book of the prophet Isaiah, who lived and prophesied at around 8th century BC. Roughly, it was 700 years before Jesus was born.

( 11:1-5 )

We expect the Messiah to be a descendant of the king David…

( 42:1-7 )

Here we see that the “servant” will be humble, won’t raise his voice in public, will open the eyes of the blind…

What else does Isaiah tells in his book about him? How will the Messiah be treated by other people? What happened to him and what is the meaning of that for us? To answer that, Isaiah fast-forwards to the future and talks directly to us, about the Messiah that we have already rejected.

( 53:1-12 )

We see the rejected and despised Messiah died for our sins, like a slaughtered lamb. He died without descendants, but yet he “will have a long life” and “will have many descendants”. This likely means that the Messiah will be resurrected after his death, on earth or in Heaven, and will have children biological or spiritual.

Now, as an exercise for yourself, and to decide whether Jesus is the expected Messiah, read testimonials about Jesus Christ from Matthew, Mark, John who physically spent a good part of their lives alone with Jesus, and doctor Luke, who meticulously gathered facts about the life of Jesus Christ the Nazarene…