Do not be afraid, for God is with you

Scared child looking at the hole in the wall

Sometimes we get afraid of something. There can be a fear of losing a family member, fear of death or prosecution, losing a job, afraid of retirement...

( 56:3 )

You are not the only one who’s afraid. In fact, every single person on Earth is afraid of something at one moment in life or at another.

At first, lets understand that we are not afraid of what has happened in the past, not afraid of what is happening right this very moment. We are afraid of what may happen in the future - in a second, hour, month or year from now.

And who is in charge of your future how you see it now? Think of it - is it your boss who may fire you? Is it the doctor who’s trying to save your family member from death? Is it your enemy that is trying to kill you? Is it you in control of your own future and the step you’re taking can cause deadly consequences?

In reality, no one can control their future, and neither can you. Here is what Jesus tells about a rich man who was trying to secure his future by saving an abundant amount of grains in his barns.

( 12:20 )

However, you do control who you’re walking with into the future. You can walk there with God, or without God.

Whatever led you throughout your life until now, resulting in the fear - leave it alone. And walk with God, away from the darkness of your past.

If you were lucky enough to have a father, remember how safe and protected you felt with him when you were a little kid. When he held your hand and walked with you, you felt safe and joyful.

Now you have your heavenly father who created you, deeply loves you, who can walk with you from now on.

( 64:8 )

And he is far more powerful and mighty than anyone else on Earth.

( 26:7-14 )

Let your father lead your life. Let him take care of your future. If you remember that joyful feeling when you were a kid surrounded by parents, bring it back. Become a kid again who let parents take care of his worries.

( 41:10 )

If we get to know God more, it'll help us understand his power. Here is how apostle John describes him.

( 1:5 )

( 1:5 )

We also hear the same from Jesus, who is the true image of the invisible God.

( 8:12 )

When you leave the darkness and walk with God, ask yourself - can you shine the same way as your father does?

The light of our father and his son Jesus is not a usual light. The lights we know of are powered by electricity, from a wax candle or a fire wood... But the light of our father God is powered by love.

( 4:8 )

To take the victory over the enemies of this world, Jesus used the weapon that can’t be defeated. That weapon is love.

( 26:67 )

( 23:34 )

( 16:33 )

Therefore, take courage and love. Love God, your family, your neighbors and your enemies. Do not forget about yourself - love yourself as you are, with all your failures, fears and imperfections.

( 13:34 )

And when there is love, there is no fear, for love drives out fear.

( 4:18 )

We are all humans, with our weaknesses and fears. We are easily lost in our life without the light of love.

The light leaves no darkness. As we love our enemies, the light reaches them and casts away the all darkness from them.

( 25:21 )

Even our enemies can love. But they could be left in darkness by someone bullying them in their childhood, or by parents or friends who left them, or by some internal insecurity that left them no place in this world and pushed to the darkness.

Use your love towards your enemies, put your sword back.

( 26:52 )

Use your new undefeatable weapon - love. Go ahead and shine in this world where fearful darkness has no place to hide. For you are not alone, never alone.

Have faith, leave doubts behind. For if God is with you, who can be against you?

( 54:17 )