What is the Christian response to pandemic?

Man covering face with fists

An uncontrollable virus like a great storm is traveling across continents and infecting people around us. For some of us, it takes away our jobs and lives of people we loved. We feel hopeless against a virus we have no treatment for. We feel like floating in a small boat during a windstorm.

( 4:37-40 )

It’s natural for us to build our confidence based on experience in this world. When things go the way we expect them to go, we’re relaxed and happy. When a minor trouble comes our way, we try to ignore it and move on. Our confidence is growing with industrial progress that brings us comfortable living and scientific discoveries that explain how things work and develop vaccines for all diseases. However, the foundation of our faith is very fragile and quickly fails when something unordinary happens. Let's look at the promise we received from our God the Father.

( 28:2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13 )

It is not natural for us to live this life fully obeying God and his commandments. As soon as our life is out of trouble, we pursue our wicked ways, again and again...

( 35:15 )

We see ourselves in fear and lack of faith. Generation after generation of people for thousands of years were disobeying God and losing His blessings. We shook out love from the foundation of the God's commandments, leaving out dry statements with only visual and formal obedience to them. That all landed us on a place of fear exactly as promised…

( 28:20,22 )

God’s anger is indeed fearful. But before we jump into judging our Heavenly Father for doing such cruel things, let’s imagine a doctor who’s cutting off an infected leg to save a person from dying. It’s natural for us to focus on the things that can be seen and ignore our God’s love and desire to save us. Our child will remember our anger and a painful slap on a back, but would easily forget how it saved him from falling off a dangerous cliff. And we who see only earthly things, do not even see what God's anger saves us from.

God wants us to obey him faithfully. He wants us to not be afraid of what we see, but rather gain confidence from our faith.

( 4:18 )

Whether you are at risk of losing your life, or at the peak of your health, death is perceived as the worst that can happen to us. But is it? Death is the last thing that we see of a human. The death opens up the door to the unseen for us, to the unknown.

The unknown in our life, or after it, is controlled by our fear, or by our faith. We can surround ourself with the darkness of fear, or the light of faith. As we can see in this earthly life, faithful people become successful in what they do. And there is no reason to doubt that faith will light up path after the death to those who believe. Path to a much better life than here on Earth.

( 3:16 )

Right now we are alive. And we are thankful to our God for that very minute we live now, for the ability to see and to breathe, and to make a change in this world. We can still see our loved ones and tell them what they mean to us.

Love overcomes fear and reveals who we really are, created in God's image. And by going through physical death and resurrection, Jesus Christ broke the chains of death and brought us a Holy Spirit, an invisible helper that now can live within us.

( 14:17 )

The Spirit we received is not the Spirit of fear, as it leads us to eternal life.

( 1:7 )

From that we can see that if we feel fear, it’s not from the Spirit God gave us. If we walk in the darkness of a fear, we did not bring the light of faith in the Lord, our God.

( 8:12 )

Now, standing in the epicenter of the pandemic, what would you choose - Fear or Faith? When other people look at you in the darkness of this fearful world, can they see your light?

( 91:3-7 )

( 1:9 )

Nothing comes out of no reason in our world. And what would this pandemic teach us? Would we be able to actually value human life? Will we be able to value true friendship, express gratitude for what we've got? Will it end the meaningless race for a better picture in Instagram and more subscribers to our YouTube videos? Will it end the wars for money and power? Will it make the sky blue again for future generations? Will we finally be able to take off the veil from our eyes and see the real world created by our Father?

( 14:27 )