Forbidden fruit - why the knowledge of Good and Evil was not meant for us?

Forbidden fruit

Why would God forbid the knowledge of good and evil to Adam and Eve? This seems strange as even the fruits from the Tree of Life were not forbidden to them. And when God forbid to eat these fruits, He explained what kind of tree it was. God wanted us to know that he hadn't meant the knowledge of good and evil for us. Why?

( 2:16-17 )

Let’s see what happened to Adam and Eve on the very first meeting with God right after eating the forbidden fruit.

( 3:8-10 )

The knowledge of Good and Evil made Adam and Eve hide from God. Hide from the one who created them, who loved and cared for them…

With this, we already see that the first response caused by the extra knowledge was not very promising. Adam and Eve, in the same way as we all, are simply not ready for such a powerful knowledge.

The knowledge of good and evil made us rely on our own judgement instead of following God. We do not see all that God sees, we do not comprehend all complexity and interconnectivity of things in this world. We lack God’s wisdom and understanding, yet we readily stamp the things we see with "Good" and "Bad"…

( 55:9 )

This stolen knowledge blinds us and keeps away from the message of God. When we hear "bad" news or critique against us, we will judge that bad person instead of trying to understand his message for us.

( 7:52 )

King David was one of the rare exceptions who was actually listening to the word of God regardless of whether good or bad person it was coming from, and whatever form the speech took.

( 16:5,7,9,10 )

Indeed, however loved by God David was, he was a murderer who later was not allowed to build a temple for God.

( 22:8 )

If we look further, we’ll understand that we also get what we deserve no matter good or bad person it comes from. Yes, it’s natural for us to blame our manager who did not give us a raise, another driver who hit us in a car accident, a thief who stole something valuable from us, another person we had conflict with… We always see the evil in someone else, and do not see the message meant for us behind what had happened…

( 7:3 )

Yes, if bad person or bad circumstances approached, it's never without a reason.

( 26:13 )

So let’s withhold our judgement on those who we think is Evil, but shed the light of love on everyone, as a true children of our Heavenly Father.

( 5:45 )

Now we see that every knowledge comes with great responsibility. While we got the knowledge of Good and Evil, we do not have full understanding to use it properly. Therefore, let’s withhold our judgement and rely on God in all we do.

( 3:5-6 )