About Us

Understand Bible is a non-profit project founded and funded by volunteers who feel the need to share the Word Of God with everybody who has access to the Internet and can read. 

We publish questions and add references from Bible answering them in all languages we possibly can.

Y es necesario que el evangelio sea predicado antes a todas las naciones.

( Marcos 13:10 )

We refrain from adding excessive comments and explanation in favor of letting God's work from the Bible verses speak right to the hearts of the readers. 

Our goal is not to start public discussions on popular topics but to give a direct reference from the Bible to those seeking for answers. We want to help find answers to those who is stuck or confused about what they read. 

We'll try to use a simple and plain language so that everybody will understand.

y ni mi palabra ni mi predicación fue con palabras persuasivas de humana sabiduría, sino con demostración del Espíritu y de poder,

( 1 Corintios 2:4 )

This website is not intended to be used as a substitute for a Bible. We encourage you reading and studying God's Word independently and turn to our website if you have questions, get stuck or have a situation in life that needs an encouragement from God.

If you have comments or feedback on anything, feel free to contact us using Contact form on our website.