Jacob wrestled with God and won. What does it mean?

knight fight

When coming back home before meeting with Esau, Jacob wrestled with God and won. What does that mean?

( 32:28 )

We are used to the fact that winners write the history and that is what we are used to read, without knowing the other side of the story. Therefore, we are used to treating winners favorably and rejoicing in their victory. However, the Bible is God's word in which historical facts are presented in an impartial manner.

This is what the prophet Hosea says about this.

( 12:2-6 )

Hosea sees nothing good in Jacob's struggle with God. Even before he was born, Jacob grabbed his brother by the heel, then took advantage of the situation and "bought" his birthright from Esau. Then he deceived him and received a blessing from his father. He got hold of Laban's best livestock by cunning, and then fled from him with all his belongings.

( 25:31-33 )

( 27:19 )

( 30:41-42 )

( 31:20-21 )

By fighting with God, Jacob fought against the will of God. He fought against walking the path that God intended for him.

( 32:8-9 )

However, despite fighting with God, Jacob still asked for His blessing for himself, and his request was granted. He became the father of the 12 tribes of Israel and led an entire nation. The nation's path was similar to that of Jacob — continuous rebellion and occasional requests for forgiveness and blessing...

( 65:2-4 )

Many years later, a completely different person appeared on earth, a real son of God, who did not fight with God, but followed him in everything. And even on the verge of death, he did not turn away from the cup that was given to him by God.

( 26:39 )

Yes, this man is Jesus Christ who showed us the true path that leads to eternal life.

Therefore, let's not fight with God, but let him lead us according to his will.

( 32:3-5 )

( 3:5-6 )