Man covering face with fists
March 25, 2020

Uncontrollable virus like a great storm is traveling across continents and infecting people around us. For some of…

Man alone in desert
March 11, 2020

"Whatever I do, I'm an outsider. Day by day I confirm the fact that nobody likes me, nobody needs me, I feel…

Scared child looking at the hole in the wall
August 18, 2019

Sometimes we get afraid of something. There can be a fear of losing a family member, fear of death or prosecution,…

Person walking
July 24, 2019

"I feel lost, hopeless, broken and alone. I am all by myself to struggle with the useless life, and nobody cares…

July 02, 2019

There are so many churches in the world, each with a different set of traditions, rituals and beliefs. Which one…

Bible chapter Genesis
May 01, 2019

People often get asked if they are saved, or concerned about their salvation or being afraid of death.

Father and son on seashore
June 07, 2016

People often get misleading view of God because of this story. God's request does not seem ethical or reasonable.…

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First Article
Why does God allow innocent people to be killed in wars?

If God loves us, how could he allow so many innocent people, including kids, be killed in wars?

Second Article
Per Moses' law, guilty people must be stoned. How can God want that?

How could God want people to be stoned for disobedience? Is God really that cruel?