Why do righteous suffer and wicked flourish? Where is justice?

Judge hammer

In this world we often see that people are not treated fairly. We see righteous suffer and wicked flourish. But why is that? According to the Bible, God gives justice to those who are treated unfairly.

( 103:6 )

But if God gives justice, then why are we seeing so much injustice around?

Let's look into the past. We supposed to be just to each other, help and spread love to one another. Instead, we did cruel things before God's eyes here, on Earth.

( 106:37-40 )

And even in modern times, we're afraid to look at ourselves honestly. Not just at our actions, but also to objectively evaluate our thoughts and wishes. It's very difficult to accept someone's honest feedback on us. Instead, we prefer sweet lie.

( 5:10 )

For centuries, we - people - were not judging other people like us, fairly. And our God could not leave that unnoticed. Despite Jerusalem being the city of people who are deeply loved by God, it received the justice like everyone else. We can't keep doing evil things and rely that God will keep forgiving us forever.

( 5:1 )

( 4:12-13 )

Because of our injustice towards others, our hate towards truth, our pride and sin, we separated ourself from God, and we separated ourself from justice. We willingly walk away from a lake with crystal clear water, further and further, get thirsty and cry "Where is water? I do not see it!". Where is God, can't he help?

( 59:1-11 )

Yes, we sinned. And yes, we still sin. We've made our mistakes. Yet we can open our hearts toward God, repent and ask for forgiveness. And when we open our hearts for God, let's close them for sin from now on.

( 33:12-17 )

We can be confident that God will hear us. We can be confident that it's never too late to turn away from our sins and get forgiveness, receive God's grace.

( 103:13 )

( 3:19 )

And without a doubt, justice will prevail, and everyone will receive what they deserve.

( 17:10 )

However, why do the truly righteous suffer?

Even if we forget the fact that there is not a single sinless person on Earth, we still need to remember that we can't always understand God's ways. While we may understand what is good and evil, we cannot properly apply that knowledge because we do not see the whole picture.

( 55:9 )

And we will not always understand why the good people we know are troubled with so many sorrows that occurred in their lives. But let's take a look at some examples in the Bible about those who suffered. If you remember the story about Joseph who was raised from a slave to the second most powerful person in Egypt.

( 105:17-19 )

Joseph went through many trials before receiving the blessing he's been waiting for. And the trials he received were not necessarily the punishment for his sins, but a necessary learning process that made him qualify for the high position he was going to receive.

Jesus himself suffered in his Earthly life, even though he did not sin.

( 5:8 )

Some of us lost our parents or dear ones. They died despite us praying to God day and night asking to spare their lives. Why doesn't God hear us?

When our dear ones die, we lose connection with them, we can no longer see them, talk to them, see their smiles, receive an encouraging advice. We see their death as the end where nothing we can do... But God can. Not a single person is dead for God. God hears us and our prayers. He wants good for us, but he also wants good for the ones who we lost.

( 57:1-2 )

Do you believe you are being faithful to God, and yet life is very hard on you? Like a loving father, our God is teaching and disciplining us, purifies and getting us ready to receive the gift from God.

( 12:7-11 )

( 1:6-7 )

We see evildoers having a peaceful life, escaping justice and enjoying many pleasures. Some of them broke our lives and enjoy using others to satisfy their needs. We do not see any judgement applied to them. Yet, we should not think they can escape God's judgement.

( 73:4-11 )

( 73:18-20 )

( 92:6-7 )

( 24:19-20 )

Remember that God is always fair and just. We do not always understand his ways, and sometimes we are quick to judge others. Instead, let's leave the justice to God, yet doing our best to treat everybody around with respect and love.

( 145:18-19 )

( 31:8 )